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Alabama DUI Legislation 2014, Part 2

Posted on by DUI Attorney

In my last post we discussed how Senate Bill 117 seeks to change the definition of “under the influence” for Alabama’s DUI law.  Today I want to discuss another change it would make to DUI law in Alabama.  Specifically, it … Continue reading

Alabama DUI Without Driving?

Posted on by DUI Attorney

When you hear DUI, what does it mean to you?  Most of us think of someone driving down the road while they are drunk, high on drugs , or both.  What you may not be aware of is that a … Continue reading

Alabama DUI Law: Pending Legislation – Consolidating Alabama’s DUI Charges

Posted on by DUI Attorney

This is the second installment in a three part blog series on pending Alabama DUI related legislation.  Last time we discussed a bill in the Alabama House that aims to close a loophole in the law mandating driver’s license suspensions … Continue reading