Written by nationally known DUI attorney Phillip B. Price, Sr. and published by West®, the Alabama DUI Handbook is a practice guide covering both Alabama’s substantive DUI law and practice considerations, including detailed coverage of:

  • breath alcohol testing,
  • field sobriety tests,
  • stops and reasonable suspicion,
  • arrests and probable cause,
  • discovery,
  • pretrial motions,
  • trial, special defenses, and
  • post-trial motions.

The Alabama DUI Handbook also features chapters on administrative driver’s license suspensions and civil liability for those who furnish alcohol to others. It contains a wealth of sample motions, discovery requests, jury instructions, and other forms. No criminal defense lawyer in Alabama should consider his or her practice library complete without a copy.

Phillip B. Price, Sr.
Phillip B. Price, Sr.

About the Author

Phillip B. Price, Sr. is the founding and senior partner at the Price Law Firm in Huntsville Alabama, He is Board Certified in DUI defense by the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD), and he is recognized nationwide as a leader in his field.

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